Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coffee Break

I finally finished the coffee quilt. It was actually finished a while ago. But I just got around to binding it.

This quilt was a UFO. It was going to be much bigger than this. But I put it aside and started working on other projects. Every now and then I would piece a few blocks. All the piecing is done by hand so it was easy to pick up the sewing from time to time. I thought it would take me one hundred years to finish this quilt.

But earlier this year I decided to just finish my UFO's or get rid of them. It's hard to explain, but I feel like my work is in a different place now than it was a few years ago. I don't want to spend my time now on a project I came up with when my head was in a different place. Especially since my time is more limited. So I decided to just stop piecing and put together a top with what I had. It is all hand pieced and machine quilted. After the top was together, I thought it was kind of boring. Again - I don't think about my work the way I used to. So I stamped coffee stains all over the piece with fabric paint. The piece is called, "Wake Up and Smell the Non-fat Carmel Macchiato."

I have one more UFO to take care of. It's being difficult. But it's going down.


mathea said...

I really like what you have done with this! I know what you mean about having moved on from where your head was at the time, but to actually finish the quilt and add something fromwhere you are now, and actually improving it, now that's art!

Kyra said...

I agree about moving on from UFOs from years ago. I FINALLY got rid of a partially finished crochet baby jacket that I started at least 15, if not 20 years ago. The child is at least in high school now!

Best, Kyra

P.S. As for coffee quilts, have a look at "Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria" picture book. The quilt made for the queen was based on a coffee tree in full-bloom!

Willa said...

Your writing is as interesting as your quilting! And I love your titles. You're just plain interesting! Gonna keep and eye on you! A great read.