Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Elves Strike Again

I finished all of the panels for the baby blanket. Look at this. The end panels are longer than all of the other panels. I measured each panel as I made it to be sure they would all fit together. I even measured them against each other. I swear they were all the same length. And yet two panels still came out too long. Frankly, I think this is the work of elves. Not cute Orlando Bloom type elves. But those scrawny little ones with the pointy shoes. I think this is just a matter of unraveling the long panels until they are the same length as everything else. This would not have happened had the blanket been worked as one piece. I'm just saying.

So now I'm busy sewing the panels together. Between that and tending to a baby with a cold and a husband with cracked ribs, there hasn't been much time for any other type of sewing. The sewing is actually not as painful as I thought it would be. It is going together fairly quickly. And the yarn needle is a bajillion times bigger than the teeny tiny sharps I like to quilt with. So threading is easy and I'm not jabbing myself with the needle. And if I spot that elf, I'm going to drop my Encyclopedia of Crochet on it.

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