Thursday, May 22, 2008


I finished the improv quilt. Since I just made up the cutting and piecing, I decided to just make up the quilting as I went along. It was fun. I got to play with lots of different threads and lots of different stitches. I'm relatively new to the machine quilting thing - at least new to doing it correctly. So this was my chance to experiment. It's almost like a sampler. I'm sure I will refer to it when I'm doing more deliberate machine quilting. The quilt is raw edge applique, machine pieced and quilted. The fabric is hand dyed.

I ended up naming the quilt, "This is Your Brain on Shuffle." I was listening to iTunes while I was quilting and I had it set to shuffle. I have wide ranging tastes in music. The randomness of the songs that were playing was entertaining and kind of like the quilt.

You know what? Quilting is fun.


swooze said...

Wow I love your quilt! Have you ever seen Katie Pasquini Masopaust's work? You would love it!

City Girl Quilter said...

Thank you.

I had not seen her work so I googled her. I really like her stuff. So thank you for that too.

Check her out.

margaret said...

Great idea, the "sampler" for the quilting. Did the different music affect your quilting - like drawing to music is different with, eg, jazz than classical?