Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pardon the Interruption

My regularly scheduled quilting was interrupted by a baby blanket that needed to be crocheted. The baby arrived on Easter and I was not already prepared with a hand made blanket for him, so I quickly whipped one up. It kind of looks like a quilt doesn't it?

I know these are rather bold color choices for a baby blanket. I usually make them in more traditional pastel colors. But I fell in love with that blue. And, based on the one week pictures, I believe the kid has the sophistication to pull off such a bold choice in baby blankets. This is actually from a Vanna White pattern and made in Vanna White yarns. It is very unusual for me to follow a pattern so closely. Fortunately, I accidently sewed two blocks together in wrong place so my streak of not following the directions remains unbroken.

I made this little hat from what I had left over. It looks too small to me but I have been assured that it is newborn size. My son was nine pounds and change when he was born so I can never gauge how small regular sized newborns are.

Now, back to the quilting.

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dineke said...

Hi, What a nice baby blanket, I love the colours. No reason every babything should be pastel.