Tuesday, November 20, 2007

But Are You Funky Enough?

Look what happened when I turned my back for one second while winding a bobbin. Say what you will about hand piecing. I've never had this happen with a needle and thread.

I finished the "El Segundo" quilt top. I'm a little concerned that it looks poorly constructed. My intention was for it to look a little wonky. Squares are not supposed to be quite square and points are not supposed to quite match up. I wanted it to be a little askew, like you've been dancing all night. The problem is that if you don't make it funky enough, it just looks like you were drunk while you were cutting and sewing and people don't get it. Now I'm trying to think of a way to quilt it so that the viewer knows it supposed to look like that. Oh well. You are not a great artist unless you're misunderstood, right?


Wendy said...

Don't drink and quilt!!!

Anna Banana said...

well, maybe if you quilt martini glasses all over it???? LOL

City Girl Quilter said...

Thanks Wendy. This from the woman who introduced me to Cosmopolitans.

I don't know about martini glasses. The quilt is based on a college memory so wine cooler bottles might be more appropriate. Now that I look at it, it does have all of the colors of wine coolers. Hmmm.