Friday, October 26, 2007

Is It Just Me, Or Is It Murphy's Law?

I’m not a very good judge of how much of something is left. I either have too much fabric or not enough. I always think the bobbin is about to run out when I have an hour’s worth left. Then I run out with 4 inches of binding left to sew on. And I never have the right amount of thread. The day after I ran out of fabric for the weeping quilt, I thought I was going to run out of thread for Kevin’s quilt. Once again, I went to the store to buy more only to find they had every color but the one I needed. Seriously, I think someone there is messing with me. I decided to just keep quilting until I ran out and I would worry about it then. And lo and behold, the thingee of thread keeps going. Now I’m thinking I can finish the quilting with this one spool. Which of course means I’ll run out with half a block left to quilt.


Anna Banana said...

No, it's not YOU!! Murphy's Law for sure. I am the girl next in line at the cash register every time it runs out of tape! That is my contribution to society.

By the way, your "pumpkin" is quite adorable!

Cordula said... is just you, it is everybody and it is Murphy's Law ;-)) ...there was a long time I thougt I am the only person of the world with these experiences. You only have to talk about....

about an older posting from you: I also worked with freezer paper to give me a template for quilting. It works very good. It didn't peel up. But it was only machine quilting. I don't think that it is useful for handquilting.

Best wishes from Germany

City Girl Quilter said...

I'm glad it's not just me. Thanks for the reassurance.